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Aluminum Clad uPVC Profiles Introduction

I、What is Aluminum Clad uPVC?

The aluminum-clad profile is based on the main profile uPVC, with aluminum on the outside, steel lining in the middle, and multi-cavity design structure used for door and window production. The new aluminum-clad system window was first unveiled in 2014, technology comes from Germany. It improved the direct connection between the aluminum plate and the plastic profile, and replaced the nylon connector with a direct connection of aluminum and plastic. The door and window can achieve more perfect mechanical properties; at the same time, the aluminum-clad system window uses TPE strip to replace the EPDM strip to ensure that the strip never falls off.

2、What is Aluminum Clad uPVC doors and windows?

The aluminum-clad door and window is made of UPVC resin as the main raw material, and the outer side is buckled with aluminum plate. Then the steel lining is fixed on the UPVC by screwing, and the multi-channel sealing strip and the original hardware are matched with high technical standards. It becomes a highly energy-efficient system door and window. Simply understand, aluminum-clad doors and windows are improved on the basis of plastic-steel windows. On the basis of UPVC on the inner surface, the outer buckle aluminum plate is used.

3、combined with picture structure diagram introduction

Outer buckle aluminum profile

4、Why Choose Aluminium Clad uPVC?

uPVC + Aluminium windows combine the best properties of both materials. A profile of high quality aluminium is attached to a uPVC-frame. This is the perfect solution for all building projects aiming for noble visual appeal, stability of the aluminium profile and the superior thermal insulation of uPVC. With its outstanding static properties, it is ideal for large glazed areas. Aluminium and uPVC have been uniquely bound together, which is extremely economical: for manufacture, maintenance and energy efficiency.

(1) Aluminium Clad uPVC solves the problem of long-lasting wind, sun exposure, aging resistance, and discoloration. Solve the practical difficulties of the overall appearance of the building in harmony with the window color.

(2)the window opening area uses three seals-"watertight, airtight, thermal and wind pressure have good performance", after testing it could reached the world's top window type requirements.

(3) Double decorative effect

     This kind of door and window has a double decorative effect. It is a warm and elegant upvc profile from the inside, but it is a noble and luxurious aluminum alloy door and window from the outside. This can meet the different requirements of the materials inside and outside the building, retain the characteristics and functions of various windows, the outer aluminum alloy has a protective effect, and is easy to maintain, can be sprayed in a variety of colors on the outer layer, maintenance The overall beauty of the building.

In addition, this type of profile adopts a double-layer seal structure, and excellent automotive sealant strips are used in doors and windows, so the effects of heat insulation, heat preservation, and sealing are particularly prominent.

(4) Aluminum-clad door and window opening method is flexible and changeable

There are many ways to open and close the aluminum-clad doors and windows. The biggest advantage is that it can be opened and closed as desired: the window sash can be pushed and pulled at will, or it can be smoothly opened outwards; the opening area of the window can be adjusted freely. satisfy the ventilation and ventilation function of the window.

(5)The appearance of fashion generous, without losing the connotation of energy saving and environmental protection, aluminum plastic, will become the domestic and foreign "green, environmental protection, energy saving," the most ideal window construction.

(6) Lumei Aluminium Clad uPVC profiles have patents certified by national standards bodies.

Six, Finishes colors:

Aluminium Clad uPVC combination windows are available in an extensive range of colours.

You can choose one you like?

Outer buckle aluminum profile
Outer buckle aluminum profile
Outer buckle aluminum profile

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